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Bastards Download books - Most managers hold a common set of beliefs that prevent them from helping their employees perform. Its time to overcome your destructive behavior or stop it from developing in the first place. If you are a business student, youll find tips and strategies to bring about positive change for your future employer. There is also plenty of information to help new and veteran managers avoid serious career pitfalls. Youll discover ways to: Pick the right individuals to be on your team; Identify your weaknesses as a manager and fix them; Improve listening skills and apply what you learn; Tell the difference between good and bad advice. With employees getting older, its also important to acknowledge that generational differences play a role in how managers approach important topics such as incentives, authority, and compensation. Take action to make the most of your leadership position and get the most out of all your employees with Bastards: Management Advice You Should Have Been Given Long Ago. PDF free

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