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Stacey Female United Kingdom

Freelance web developer, OS X / Kubuntu user, Playstation fangirl, video game lover, rabbit crazy, female by nature

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Web Name: Cardcaptor Stacey
Email: cardcaptorstacey[at]gmail.com
Nationality: British
Home: England, United Kingdom
Birthdate: 9th July 1987
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Chinese sign: Rabbit
Birthstone: Ruby
Colour: Yellow
Flower: Sunflower
Languages: English (native), Japanese (moderate), Italian (learning), Cantonese (a few words)
Web Skills: HTML (fluent), XHTML (fluent), CSS (fluent), PHP (advanced), MySQL (near-advanced), Javascript (basic), AJAX (learning), XML (learning), Python (learning), accessibility
OS: OS X OS X / Kubuntu Kubuntu
Tools of the Trade: GIMP GIMP, Inkscape Inkscape, Bluefish Bluefish, Firefox Firefox

Hobbies/Interests: Web developing, rabbits, Japanese music, video games, forums, graphics & design (avs, sigs and web designs), guitar, illustration, comics, animation, fanlistings, anime/manga
Likes: Recycling, cuddles, changes, new ideas
Dislikes: Microwaves, thunderstorms
Future ambition: Manga-ka
Indispensable thing: Mac Mini and iPad
Fan-girl obsessed over: Moogle (Final Fantasy series), Falco Lombardi (Starfox series), Yoshi (Mario series), Kirby (Kirby series), Max (Sam and Max), Domo-kun, Otacon (Metal Gear Solid series), LocoRoco and Yuffie Kisaragi (FFVII)
Most influential people: Hideo Kojima