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Been done with inFamous for a little while. It was an awesome game. I really enjoyed it. Big Grin The storyline was gripping and I think it would work really well as a film. Big Grin Collected about 70% of the trophies, so I'll be going back to get the rest after I've done playing my other games. Getting every shard is very annoying and quite hard as you can't exactly tell where they all are! I think I've got more shards on my first save. 30 or so left. Might be easier to get them all on there instead. Tongue read more »

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Installed Kubuntu 9.04 with KDE 4.2 last week. Didn't get off to a great start with it. Something went wrong and it crashed but it since hasn't happened again. Maybe an update fixed it. Happy I'm glad I upgrade. KDE 4.2 is so much better than 4.1 and the version of Kubuntu is much faster. I've noticed suspending to disk and waking up is quicker. It's much more stable too and has some great new features. Big Grin Got all my stuff back up and running okay. Had some issues with the laptop mouse which I vaguely remember dealing with on 8.10. I don't personally use the laptop mouse because it hurts my finger. When the laptop mouse is touched, this weird error would disable the left mouse button on both the laptop and a USB mouse. I just edited xorg and disabled the laptop mouse entirely and haven't come across any further problems since. read more »

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