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Well, Christmas was shite. Sad I got ill Christmas Eve. Christmas Day was the worse. Barely ate much. Was really disappointed. Felt dizzy and lightheaded. Boxing Day wasn't much better. The afternoon I watched disc one of the Sam & Max animated series. Then later on watched some films which were on TV. After staying in bed all day until the evening, I tried to come downstairs and so bits and bobs on my laptop I bought myself lots of Japanese stuff from the 50% sale at a Japanese shop. Bought a kimono, parasol, furoshiki, chopstick holder and flower sushi plates to help myself feel better. Looking forward to receiving my purchases. Never used the online shop before. Haven't told my mum about the stuff I've bought yet but it will be a nice surprise when she comes to visit again. read more »


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Things are going good on Animal Crossing. Got another floor. Need to pay about 200,000 bells to pay it off. Looking forward to getting it paid off and getting a basement. Happy The ground floor has a citrus wallpaper and floor, cabana furniture. Upstairs I'm aiming for a Mario theme, using items gained from flying presents. Might change it to a regal theme or something else. Not sure yet. Been playing lots of foreign fruit around. Just waiting for more to grow since I want the town to be filled in them. Hoping to pay off my mortgage in no time as foreign fruit sell for 500 compared to just 100 for native. Bought myself a Blathers and Pelly keychains since I found them very cute. They won't arrive by tomorrow (which is the last day the postman comes before Christmas) but I should get them by new year I hope. read more »

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Sam and Max: Season One for Wii has finally been released in Europe after months of delay and almost six months on preorder. I'm hoping to receive mine in a few days. *sigh* Not long now until I can play it all the way through. read more »

Wonderful You

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I've been all the way through Star Fox 64 on hard. After a little practice Star Wolf at Venom were a breeze. With all my team alive and using the same technique I usually use, they were quite easy. I was a little disappointed with the ending (could have been a little more different) but enjoyed Spoiler start seeing Fox's father, James McCloud Spoiler end. I've bought Star Fox Assault on Gamecube brand new. Just waiting for it to arrive in the post. If you haven't seen the Star Fox VG Cats comic (and you are a gaming girl) you might want to check it out. Well, I found it amusing, especially the use of quotes from Star Fox 64 to imply certain things. Happy read more »

Unsung Heroes

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Sorry it's been so long since I last posted my blog. I've upgraded to Ubuntu 8 (from 7) and Open Office's spell checker stopped working. I just got it working. The problem was a package that needed installing called myspell-en-gb. I was just looking around on the Package Manager and just installed it to see if it worked and it did. read more »

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