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Finished all my university work now. I graduate September if all my grades go well Big Grin Got my final year project done just in time and my client has been having a little look at the website I made for him. It has a nice administration panel where you can add/edit users, add/edit content and some other minor things. The main site has logins where the user is restricted to certain pages and have subscriptions to their membership (all edited from the administration panel). It may not sound a lot but it took me a very long time to program. The sessions were very annoying as I have never used them before but got the hang of them after awhile. I worked very hard to get it all done, staying up three days straight (well, ish. Had a few one hour naps here and there). Staying up that long was hell. The constant urge to go to sleep. My mind wondered a lot, I couldn't considerate and I was very dizzy. I think I made a lot of mistakes but it all worked in the end. I guess this is the last time I use the university tag Happy read more »

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Did anyone catch Phoo Action on last Wednesday on BBC Three? I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I missed the beginning (about twenty minutes) as I forgot all about it. I knew I forgot to add something in the reminder. ^_^; Luckily the pilot got approved and they will be making six episodes for next year. I hope the show is improved though. Some elements seemed awkward. However, I love the idea of it, so much fun. I see Bruce Lee and anime influences in there or was that just me? read more »

Weird things...

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Is it me or has the Nabaztag been really weird this past week? Mine keeps playing things in the wrong order, especially the weather. There's nothing on the official site saying about a problem. I wonder what is the matter... Sad Poor bunny read more »

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