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Fixed liked on Reddit feed
Trophy diary; trophy milestones have trophy descriptions and platform, latest trophies show platform image
Trophy diary; platinums section has now larger icons and new platforms PS3 + Vita and PS3 + PS4
Trophy diary; tweaked statistics look, enlarged PSN avatar, latest trophies now have larger trophy icons

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Personal Blog

A survivor is born

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Hey everybody! Long time no see. Wow, my last proper blog post was way back in February 2010. Surprised Time has flew by so fast and I've been doing lots of things. So what's been going on since then? read more...

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New Leaf diary

Chronicling my journey to the perfect town

  • Was thinking about letting him go, but want Egbert to stay
    11 months ago

  • I like S-cat!
    11 months ago

  • Bluebear wanted to play hide and seek but I couldn’t find Peck in time
    11 months ago

  • Tammy wanted some new furniture
    11 months ago

  • Egbert wanted to play hide and seek and I found all 3 players
    11 months ago

  • All the trees are turning paler green
    11 months ago

  • He won’t stop talking about trains!
    11 months ago

  • She’s walking around thinking…
    11 months ago

  • If you want my bucket, take it lol
    11 months ago

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