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10th Anniversary

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Today is a very special day as cardcaptorstacey.co.uk was born. Was a very exciting day. It was a start of something new, something I never expected and would like to experience all over again. read more...

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New Leaf diary

Chronicling my journey to the perfect town

  • Was thinking about letting him go, but want Egbert to stay
    1 year ago

  • I like S-cat!
    1 year ago

  • Bluebear wanted to play hide and seek but I couldn’t find Peck in time
    1 year ago

  • Tammy wanted some new furniture
    1 year ago

  • Egbert wanted to play hide and seek and I found all 3 players
    1 year ago

  • All the trees are turning paler green
    1 year ago

  • He won’t stop talking about trains!
    1 year ago

  • She’s walking around thinking…
    1 year ago

  • If you want my bucket, take it lol
    1 year ago

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